Maintenance of the Velto Surf equipment

After each use, before the seawater dries, we highly recommend rinsing the kit with fresh water and letting it dry in a well-ventilated place. This will greatly increase its lifespan.

All plastic materials suffer UV rays. Don’t let the foam materials a long time on the son.

The polyethylene foam is quite fragile. Over time and depending on use, this foam may tear apart and coating may wear out; it is easily replaced by peeling the previous one off and sticking a new one on.

The exclusive board is a sandwich construction, so that in all situation of temperature change, we highly recommend open the decompression screw.

Safety rules with the Velto Surf equipment

These are the same as those of surfing:

– never surf alone

– know not to get into the water when the conditions are too extreme for your level

– warm up beforehand

– respect others in the water

– respect the instructions of the authorities

– use a leash

– never surf shore break waves

However, before starting to surf with the VELTO SURF equipment, it is very important to practise:

– attaching and detaching oneself from the board, in flat water and with the assistance of a friend

– capsizing and detaching oneself from the board underwater and upside down

The most serious accidents results of leash bad use. Never hold the board in the wave with the leash. It’s always more safe attach the leash at your ankle. If you can not do it, use the harness buckle to attach it and take care of strangulation risks.